Frequently Asked Questions
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Q - Does Wolverine Ball play on weekends?
A - No. We play Monday - Thursday for most and some Fridays in the older boys (11-13 and 14-15) divisions. We like to leave
weekends open for you and your family. There may be a tournament for the older boys that falls on one Saturday but that's it.

Q - What are Divisions for Spring Ball?
A - Below are the ages for each division and nights they play. Your son or daughter can "play up" if you and the coach believes there skill
level is appropriate and safe for the older division. Older kids can not play down in younger divisions.


4-5 T-Ball - Coed 
Monday & Wednesday evenings

6-7 Coach Pitch - Coed
Tuesday & Thursday evenings   

Boys Baseball 
8-10 - Machine / Player Pitch: Mon & Wed   
11-13 - Player Pitch:  Play during the week   
14-15 - Player Pitch: Play during the week 


Q - How can I sign up my Child for spring ball?
A - We are now in "Late Sign-Ups" in March
. Please click on the "Sign-up" icon and print the form. Fill in details and mail back

to the address provided on the form along with your registration fee. Be sure to return ASAP as we begin shorting teams soon. 




Q - I would like my Company Logo on a Team. How can I do that?
A - Click on the "Sponsor" icon and print off the form. Mail back right away with your sponsor fee and will get you all set with

a team. Teams and colors are first come first serve so if you are looking for a specific one contact us right away to lock it in.

We will also work with you on your logo you would like on the team uniforms. Any questions call Dan at 616-437-0696. 

Q - Are there restrictions based on where we live to play in Woverine Ball?
A - No. We do not have restrictions to participate in our league. We have many from Rockford, Belmont, Northview, Cedar Springs, Algoma, Sparta, etc.

Q - What if I don't have internet to view schedules?
A - If you are unable to connect to the internet just keep your coaches number available so you can contact them with any questions. You can also use the internet at the library and print off all of the information needed at one time. We post all of the schedules well in advance to help everyone with their planning. You can also use the Smart Phone App we create.  

Q - Can my child switch to a different team?
A - Once teams are drafted by the coaches we order uniforms so we get them in on time for games. We can not move kids around after that time as it would off-set team numbers and we would also have to order a new uniform. Coaches do their best with all of the requests from parents but we can never promise anything with kids being on the same teams. 

Q - How can I become an Umpire
Any child 12+ years of age that is interested in umpiring please let us know at sign-ups in the spring or email with your information.   




Q - Where can I get the Practice and/or Game Schedules?
A - Just click on the "SCHEDULES" icon above. 


Q - What is unique about Wolverine Ball?
A - Below is what another parent stated to us about Wolverine Ball. We appreciated this email received as it reminds us what to stay focused on... 

1) No Saturday games - all games are after work during the week. Frees up families to do family things on the weekends.

2) Not as many rules compared to others. All your rules are based on common sense.

3) No mandate to have the parents miss their child's game just to run a concession stand.

4) Allow the kids to just play ball and be a part of a team.
and Wolverine would also like to add...

5) We do our best to keep the cost as low as possible for players to particiapte.

Q - What is the leagues season schedule?
A - We have a lot to plan and organize to make the season come together such as fields, teams, sponsors with logos, uniforms, schedules, coaches, equipment, etc.... 

   * Get fields locked in for the upcoming season
   * Prepare Ads and Flyers
   * Connect with other leagues we play

   * Division structure for upcoming year
   * Update Sign-Up Forms
   * Update Web Site
   * Lock in Sign-Up dates and location

   * Distribute Sign-Up Forms to kids
   * Ads in Paper for Sign-Ups
   * Sign-Ups set to begin in Fevruary with Web Site updates

   * Sign-Ups and begin sorting divisions and lining up coaches
   * Get Sponsor Logos finalized
   * Late Sign-Ups (add'l $10 after last regular sign-up)

   * LATE Sign-Ups available
   * Team Player drafts with Coaches - 8-10 and older
   * Complete Uniform Orders and get to Screenprinter
   * Complete Practice & Game Schedules and post on web

   * Practices begin after Spring Break for 8-10 and Older
   * Umpire practice also begins with teams praticing (New Umps)

   * Practices begin for T-Ball & Coach Pitch
   * Games begin for 8-10 and Older

   * Family Game Night at Whitecaps (see schedule for date)
   * Playoffs Begin in 8-10 and Older
   * Hand out player medals at final game
   * Spring Season wraps up early to mid-June   
   * Place all gear in storage for season 


Q - When does the spring season begin and end?

A - Below are the start and end dates for each division.

4-5 coed T-Ball and 6-7 Coach Pitch
Begins the first week in May (so it's warmer for the little ones) and ends about the second week in June. T-Ball and Coach Pitch kids play twice per week. No Weekends! We begin with practices only and then add in games (with practices inbetween). We include a practice once and a while during the entire season (between games) which allows the coaches to work more with the kids on their skills.      

8-10 BBB
Practices begin after spring break (Mid-April). Games begin the first of May. Playoffs begin about the second week in June. The kids play twice per week on Monday & Wednesday with some games maybe on Tuesday & Thursday depending on the number of teams we have...No Weekends! 

11-13 BBB
Practices begin after spring break (Mid-April). Games begin the end of April or first week in May. Playoffs begin about the first week in June. The kids play twice per week on Tuesday & Thursday... they may also have some Mon, Wed or Fri games also as we play other leagues. We typically have a tournament with against other leagues which completes the season. No Weekends!

14-15 BBB
Practices begin after spring break (Mid-April). Games begin the end of April. This division will usually play two games per week... No Weekends unless the final tournament is on a Saturday against the other leagues. We typically have a tournament with against other leagues which completes the season.  

Q - How are teams selected?

A - See the information below....

8-10 and Older Divisions
Coaches and players from the previous year remain together unless a player/parent wants their child to be placed on a different team for any reason. Then that player would be placed in the draft and be selected by another coach. Every player is selected in a draft process by the coaches (except T-Ball) to keep things as fair as possible. All of the coac
hes come together and select players evenly. We can not promise a new player will be on any specific team until drafts are completed and the coaches select the teams but coaches do their best to handle requests.NOTE: Siblings are always kept on the same team unless the parents request otherwise. We do this to help parents in scheduling, transportation, etc. TRADES: Two coaches can work together on a player trade after the draft is completed if there is a need. The trade needs to be agreed upon by both head coaches. Depending on when a trade is made their may be additional uniform expenses if the team uniforms have already been ordered.

T-Ball and Coach Pitch Teams
There is no draft in T-Ball or Coach Pitch. We just do our best to keep kids from the same school, etc. together. We want them to have a fun time with their first experience on a baseball team. You are welcome to write on your Registration Sheet if you want your child to try to be on the same team with a friend. We will do our best.  




Q - My child has decided they don't want to play now. Can I get a refund?
A - No refunds once you have signed your player up. We pre-pay for many things such as uniforms, equipment for the league, insurance, web site work, fields, etc.... and it's just too much work having to re-organize a team, update the web site, adjust insurance, order new uniforms, etc. We want to make sure kids that sign up really want to play as it helps coaches now they will have enough kids for game time.